Why I Started the National Park Series

I had this huge plan after graduation. I was supposed to move to California, but I didn't want to just hop on a flight and miss out on the rest of the U.S. So, I made this whole mapped out plan for a two week trip to visit a ton of National Parks along the way. On that map I had Glacier National Park up in Montana, Yosemite in California, Zion in Utah. You name it, and it was on that list. 

Naturally, I graduated in the middle of a global pandemic, so those plans were put on hold. So, in place of actually being able to visit, I decided I was going to paint all these beautiful places as a little reminder of what was waiting on the other side. 

I didn't just want to paint them, though. I learned back in February that our current administration submitted their budget proposal for 2021, and Trump plans to cut the National Park budget by $587 million, a whopping 17% of their annual budget. There are over 400 of these gorgeous protected parks in our country, and this could jeopardize the protection of them. You can learn more about that here

Right now, California is facing its wildfire season, and that puts these magnificent places at even more risk than ever before. 

So, I came to the decision that this art will have a greater purpose. A portion of each purchase will go to the National Parks Foundation to help support and protect these parks. Among their many programs, they focus on protection and sustainability. You can learn more about their mission and donate yourself here.