National Park Paint-By-Numbers

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This is not the pre-order. You can find the pre-order listing here. 

Paint-By-Numbers are finally here! You can choose from one of four parks: Zion, Yosemite, Rocky Mountains, and Garden of the Gods.

A major step up from flimsy chip board, the pattern is printed onto canvas and it comes with a DIY frame and tacks. When you're finished with your masterpiece, you can frame it just like any other painting. 

When framed, the paintings stretch 40 x 50 CM. (That translates to approximately 15 x 19 inches).

What's included: 

1. A roll-up canvas with your park printed on it 

2. A secondary sheet with the pattern on it just in case you accidentally paint over a number! 

3. 1 DIY wooden frame 

4. 1 Box of tacks 

5. 24 vibrant acrylic paint colors 

6. 3 nylon brushes, for spaces large and small. 

When you're all finished with your masterpiece, use #paintwithkate and tag me on Instagram for a feature.